Yudonosan Sanrojo

yudonosan sanrohjo

Adjacent to the big torii gate to Mt. Yudono, Yudonosan Pilgrims’ Inn is located just above the Yudonosan Parking.
A pilgrims’ inn is a facility in which pilgrims seclude themselves for a certain period to offer payers to god or to Buddha. In the present day, this inn welcomes not only visitors to the Three Mountains of Dewa, for their faith in mountains, but also general tourists to stay overnight or to enjoy the shojin cuisine the inn has to offer.

Location Mt. Yudono, Senninzawa
Open Late April through early November
Lunch 1,620 yen (tax inclusive)
An Overnight Stay with 2 Meals 8,790 yen (consumption tax and bath tax inclusive)
Capacity 100 people