Gassan Hongu (Main Shrine)

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This main shrine at the top of Mt. Gassan can be reached after an approximate 2hr. and 30min. climb from the 8th station at Midagahara Marsh, approximately 1,400m above sea level.

Mt. Gassan is 1984m high and covered in snow year round, allowing visitors to ski even in summer. Strong mountain winds preclude the construction of a large shrine, and for that reason a small shrine measuring 1m2 was built amid walls made of stacked stones. This is the current site of Gassan Hongu, which was called omuro in the past, meaning a cavern where gods dwell.

This shrine is dedicated to the deity, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto who is noted in the Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical record) as ruling over the realm of the night.The History of Mt. Haguro states that the god, Amithaba appeared on Mt. Gassan. Amithaba is the Buddha of the land of the deceased, and Tsukuyomi no Mikoto controls the night. Therefore, it is said that Mt. Gassan is the Pure Land of the night where the deceased reside.

● Current Year: July 1st to October 31th
● Time Required to Climb Mt. Gassan: Approx. 2hr., 30min. walk from the 8th station of Mt. Gassan and Midahara; mountain cabins are located along the 8th station, and at the 9th station and the mountaintop; overnight lodging is possible (reservations required)

Purification Fee:
●1 Person: 500 yen (visitors must undergo purification to worship at Gassan Hongu)
●Phone: 090-8921-9151/FAX: 090-4046-5608 (Gassan Hongu)

Prayer Ceremony:
●1 ceremony from 5,000 yen (fill out your petition and name on the prayer request)