Gassan Midagahara’s Marshlands

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In the Midagahara Marsh, located at the 8th Station of Mt. Gassan, extends an unearthly refreshing landscape. Although now easily accessible via roadways, those who walked from the 1st station in the past should have been so amazed at the sight of the vast marsh, which appeared suddenly in front of them, with flowers in bloom here and there. In the summer, the marsh is filled with more than one hundred different kinds of alpine plants, attracting many tourists to the mountain every year.

It is said that Amida Nyorai buddha was enshrined in the Midagahara Marsh; therefore, its name “Midagahara,” or the field of Amida. Another legend says that the god planted rice here, and thus this place is called “Midagahara” with different Chinese characters meaning “god’s rice field.” Located next to Midahara Pilgrims’ Inn, the Midahara Shrine enshrines Kushinadahime-no-kami, the guardian deity of rice fields.

● Season: July 1st through early October (The gate at the 6th station of Mt. Gassan closes in late October.)

Guide to Flowers in Midagahara Marsh at the 8th Station of Mt. Gassan (PDF file) <Japanese only>