Driving on Mt. Haguro – Mt. Yudono – Late April through November 3rd

Ideha Bunka Museum (At the foot of Mt. Haguro)
Ideha Bunka Museum
Ideha Bunka Museum, located near the entrance to the pilgrimage route to Mt. Haguro, is the sole official museum dedicated to showcasing the history and the culture of the Three Mountains of Dewa, as well as to research on Shugendo.
Some of the recommended tourist spots are located within walking distance of the museum, including the Zuishin Gate, as well as the five-storied pagoda of Mt. Haguro, about a 5 to 15-minute walk on the stone stairway.
Mt. Haguro’s Summit
Mt. Haguro has a history of over 1400 years as a mountain for Shugendo. Known also as a place with spiritual power, the mountain attracts many tourists every year.
Mt. Yudono
Representing the world of the future, Mt. Yudono lets those who visit there feel strong awe towards the nature and overwhelming vitality of the mountain.