[Difficulty Level A] Doable in Half a Day! Mt. Gassan 8th Station Midagahara Marsh Trekking – July 1st through Early October

iconClimbing gear, including climbing shoes, clothing for cold mountain weather, and a raincoat, among other items, is necessary. Be sure to prepare food and water for emergencies.
8th Station of Mt. Gassan
Driving a car for about one hour from the Haguro area, via the Gassan Koen line, will take you to the 8th station of Mt. Gassan at an altitude of 1,400 meters. From there walk about 10 minutes and you will arrive at the Midahara Shrine and Midahara pilgrims’ inn.
Gassan Midagahara’s Marshlands
Gassan Midagahara’s Marshlands
Behind the shrine extends the magnificent marsh of Midagahara. There you will find scattered ponds of various sizes, called “chito”, after which the wetland took its nickname of “Iroha Forty-eight Ponds.”
The Midagahara Marsh is rich in alpine plants. From June through August, when the season comes in to bloom all at once, the marsh is filled with flowers of white skunk cabbage, hinazakura cherry, and nikkokisuge day lily, among others. It looks as if you stepped into another world.
Boardwalks are laid on the marsh, allowing you to take a leisurely, two-hour stroll.

Through this course, you can enjoy another world of Mt. Gassan in half a day.