[Difficulty Level B] Doable in One Day! Hiking to the Top of Mt. Gassan – July 1st through September 15th

This is a round-trip course on a route through the Midagahara Marsh and the 9th station, leading to the top of Mt. Gassan. It takes three hours one-way, or six hours round-trip.

iconClimbing gear, including climbing shoes, clothing for cold mountain weather, and a raincoat, among other items, is necessary. Be sure to prepare food and water for emergencies.

In the past, there use to be eight entrances to the Mt. Gassan (yatsukuchi) from different directions (happo), through which the mountain attracted many travelers from near and far, and this mountain is still visited by many climbers. Standing on the top, you may be able to understand why it has been visited by so many people for such a long period of time.

Download the maps of Mt. Gassan via below links!
>> Map of Mt. Gassan 8th Station – 9th Station – Top (PDF:628KB) <Japanese only>
>> Map of Mt. Gassan 8th Station / Midagahara Marsh (PDF:560KB) <Japanese only>