When you climb up the Ni-no-saka slope (the second hill), a relatively smooth path continues. Shortly, on your right, you will find a red torii gate standing quietly in the vast greenery. This is the location of the former Jakko-ji Hozen-in Temple, which used to administer the whole of Mt. Haguro, and it is now called “Gohombodaira.” The depth of the temple was 31 ken, or about 56 meters, and its building area was 662 tsubo, or about 2,190 square meters. It served as a major monastery. When in season, beautiful lotus flowers will adorn the view of the pond with a floating island. Behind the pond, you will be able to glimpse the Sargent’s cherry tree called “Ishiwarizakura,” or stone-breaking cherry, through the rift of a stone. On the other side of the approach to the shrine are jizo statues and memorial towers for different generations of betto monks.