[Difficulty Level C] Doable in Two Days! Hiking on the Three Mountains of Dewa


With the principal goal of climbing Mt. Gassan, this is the most classic trail for hiking in the Three Mountains of Dewa.

iconClimbing gear, including climbing shoes, clothing for cold mountain weather, and a raincoat, among other items, is necessary. Be sure to prepare food and water for emergencies. It is recommended to hire a guide (advance reservation required) for the hike.
Mt. Haguro
In the afternoon of the first day, you will make a two-hour round trip to Mt. Haguro, visiting the shrine on the top. You will stay overnight at a shukubo (temple lodging) with shojin cuisine dinner. Staying overnight at a shukubo means purifying yourself physically and mentally while practicing abstinence for a certain period.
On the second day, you will depart early in the morning for Mt. Gassan. About a two-hour hike will take you to the lodge Busshoike-goya at the 9th station of Mt. Gassan. You will have a break here.
Mt. Gassan

Another hour will take you to the top of Mt. Gassan. Let’s visit the main hall of the Gassan shrine. By that time, it will be around noon. We will take a lunch break at a mountaintop hut. There, you can enjoy wild mountain vegetables and mushroom dishes.
Mt. Yudono
When we are stuffed, let’s go on to Mt. Yudono. About three hours of hiking along the ridges will take you to the inner shrine of the Three Mountains of Dewa, Mt. Yudono. It is a sacred place which is “hidden and never talks.” Making the journey through Mt. Haguro (representing the present), Mt. Gassan (representing the past), and Mt. Yudono (representing the future), this visit to the Three Mountains of Dewa has been practiced by people as a pilgrimage to be reborn since the Edo period.

Road Map to the Top of Mt. Gassan (PDF file) <Japanese only>